Oops haha yea I meant if you own an s15 hah do you plan on getting one in the future?

umm not really. i’d definantly like to drive one for fun, but not really own. there’s just personally other cars that i would prefer to own first lol, like an Fd3S is most likely my next baby

Where do you work?

nowhere right now, just had an interview with oreillys though!!

What are you in school for?

general classes for now, but i’m going into pharmacy. not really by choice but it makes the money… for the cars haha

hehehe i had to

hehehe i had to

what diffs are you running on the s13's ?

open on the daily (really should be welded because i get stuck sometimes) and welded on the track car. plate welded though, super strong. i prefer that to vlsd 

Using financial aid money for car parts isn't bad per say. If your interest rate for your loans isn't a ridiculous number anyways

oh no no, like i get actual money that i don’t have to pay back. it’s aid, not a loan. on average it’s 2k a year, i don’t need it for school because they give me book vouchers and pay my tuition already

Do you a s15?

if you meant own, no haha although that would be a bad ass daily :p

You have a 240z? Damn congrats

thaaaaaaaaaank you! it’s a 280z though :p

Hi! I don't mean any offense, just curious. You own a lot of stunning cars and I was wondering if you could share some knowledge on how you were able to get them and keep them? I'm just getting to my first car and despite having two jobs it feels so overwhelming. Payments here and there. Overwhelming is the word. You seem to have it figured out and after stumbling upon your blag I hope you can share some wisdom. Thank you!

no offense taken! well first off the cars are old, so they’re not too expensive to buy, and not insane to maintain unlike newer cars. i paid 2k for my daily s13, 2k for my track car with the sr, and 5k for my z. that’s not including all the parts and everything (which is probably a lot more). mainly i can do it, only because i literally save all my money for my cars. i don’t party, drink, or have any other hobbies. i try to work a lot of hours, and even use my school financial assistance for car parts (lmao i know that’s bad). it’s just a lot of devotion and deciding how you want to spend your money! ask me if you have any other questions :)

Maybe generic but I didn't know girls like you existed

hahah you’d be surprised how many girls i know who have a passion for cars!

What's your opinion on made mx5 mk1's as I'm looking at getting one, I trust your judgement as you have the car of my dreams the 280z, I'm from the UK so insurance is expensive! If you have any tips on them let me know please!

personaly, I LOVE THEM. i thought about one before the 240 as a daily! good gas milage, i’ve seen some crazy amazing looking ones. kits, wheels, hardtops, a lot of things to customize and have fun with. it’s like driving a huge go-kart, which is always fun!!

honestly the 280z should be less insurance than the miata? that’s the way it is here anyways, older the car, the less the insurance. here i know 2 people who have it for like $15/month. (sorry not sure what that is in euro’s)

Hey okay so what's your opinion on buying and driving/drifting a 1990 Volvo 240 wagon? Idk I want something different

uhhh driving the wagon would be legit, that’d be different. i very rarely see volvo 240’s in the first place, so seeing one with like good fitment and a few add ons would be awesome! as for drifting, i think you’re going to run into a serious weight transfer issues :( i’ve seen people slide the 4 doors for dayssss though

did you get your sr running ?

noooo unfortunately :( i can if i want to within a day (just have to wire in the ecu and harness) but idk if i want to paint the car first, or just leave it how it is since it’s gonna get messed up anyways

the ass of your z is just beautiful

i know, i slap it all the time ;)

Describe your driving style on or off the track.

on/off the track both the same, especially in the s13’s. i’m defiantly a very aggressive driver. take corners faster then i should, snap gear changes, especially getting pissed at people in front of me and down shifting to pass them and all that haha. in the z though i’m very calm and collected, except on the straight-aways. :x