Where in NorCal are you located?


someone in nor cal area wana buy an e30? 91 318i, clean title, 126k miles, power everything and it all works, 5 speed, new clutch. just runs rough cuz it needs a new maf, spectra intake ready to plug in, drives awesome just the maf is fucked lol, 1300 obo

when you wake up in the morning and your cars literally infront of the door lmao

when you wake up in the morning and your cars literally infront of the door lmao



ever since that bike ride i keep seeing bikes on my feed and now i wana learn and get one lol =.=

So I need your wisdom on a car … I want to get an 02 subaru wrx but don't know much about them. Do you have any reviews on them? Thanks

i honeslty don’t know much about subbies :( but i do know that the bugeye was one of the best years, engine wise. the 06’s generation i heard had a fuck ton of problems, even working at oreillys i’ve legit had someone come in and show us the camshaft that literally snapped in half on him when he was just driving on the freeway, not even bashing on it!

evo 5? 8 & 9 gets stolen easily so i dont want to risk it since I'll probably be living somewhere with no garage. They are fun cars though I'd admit that.

sorry you meant evo 10 not 5 haha, i read it wrong. honestly any good import is going to have the possibility of being stolen. i’d go with the evo and invest in a quick release, kill switch, and maybe even put a clutch lock on it :)

In reply to your please help in all honest just swap the motor. I've been thinking about picking up a an s30 chassis and all the fprums I've looked at said the parts support for the L series motor aren't there.

yeah fml dude there’s like nada for aftermarket support anymore :( looking into just doing a rb25 swap now, i can get one for 2k. but in the back of my head i still know i want to do l28et because everyone does effing swaps. maaaaaaang i dunno

hey I've been thinking about buying my first 280z for some time now but I was hoping for some tips on what to look for when buying one off CL and potential problems dwn the road after owning one. I'm doing my research as much as I can but any new info would help! thanks in advance :)

alright main thing to look for is rust! check the trunk lip when you open it, floor panels, engine bay, and roof. none of that crap and your golden! diff mount on almost all z’s are fucked up and will slap like a mofo, so go to thezstore.com and buy a solid mount for $40. second, injectors are very tempermental, and these babies run hot cuz the intake is right ontop of the exhaust mani.. stupid design, so look into an oil cooler if it’s hot where you live. other than that, l series motors are tough to beat up, iron block, parts are pretty fucking cheap from what i’ve experience and extremely easy to replace and work on :) just check for rust mainly lol, any other questions let me know!

I'd like to find a fairlady. That would be the best.

don’t worry, you’ll know her when you see her ☺️

Don't worry you'll do a great job! You're determined and that's all that matters

yesssir, it’ll all be done soon!

I hope you get it running again. you deserve it!

thank you lol, idiot from the shop forgot to give me the head studs so i have to wait till monday to even start putting her back together lol. fmlll

i miss you so much baby :(

i miss you so much baby :(

I was sad today because I wanted to buy this 280z and then I called the guy and he said he already sold it -_-

:(((( sorry buddy, sounds like such a bummer. don’t worry though, the original z i wanted to buy, the same thing happened but i ended up finding mine down the road :) it all works out!