When is your birthday? Mines the 16th

i just had mine this month on the 12th :)

Hey I'd love to see the work you've done on your 240z. Do you have a tumblr or ig for your builds?

i actually haven’t done anything on the z :l I bought it and then took on my track car so the only thing i’ve done is clean it and try to keep it from rusting. my ig is @sadieorka :)

went to the gun range today for my birthday 🔫😎

Venus? What do you mean? I live In the Bay Area

venus is a place here in sacramento that buys engines straight over from japan, front clips, rear clips, coils everything you could think of lol. they compression test the engines with a video you can see before you buy it, and it comes with full swaps, and they’re warrantied. if i were you i’d take a look, i’ve bought 2 of my engines from there.

I was convinced not to do it by a friend and my gf haha just going to start fresh and buy a motor from eBay or something and put it in my hatch. Sorry if I wasted your time 😔

awwh well if it’s a good deal i wouldn’t pass it by, just spend the time to first take off the oil pan and check around, it’s the same with any motor lol. please be careful with ebay :( a lot of friends i know have done ebay and get screwed because it holds shitty or compression or they can’t get it to crank over and give up and sell it. just be careful and safe whatever you do! if you’re in cali i would recommend venus 

does anyone know if you can temporarily register a track car for like 1-2 day pass? i want to take my track car down to Irwindale this year to spend a week in l.a and go to some tracks while i’m there for formula d but idk if i’ll have anything to tow it with by then

no moar foodz. i just noticed i’ve gained 8347621829 lbs since like 2 years ago _-_